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Welcoming self-starters to join our team!

Active Entertainment is currently accepting new staff to apply for the departments of Event Production & Coordination, Event Marketing & Promotions, Services Sales & Sponsor Acquisitions, Human Resources & Business Operations. 

Is this for me?

Whether you want to work events, coordinate fashion shows, apply your social influence skills, utilize your online marketing abilities, produce creative projects, staff backstage at concerts, manage technology services, promote parties, scout talent, advocate local arts & artists, sell services or develop business, we encourage you to get involved! Active Entertainment is an Limited Liability Corporation that practices a multi-faceted approach towards supporting the Art & Entertainment Culture. We offer a wide range of opportunities to anybody interested in getting involved behind the scenes with varying levels of commitment.

This is a perfect opportunity for people to build a resume, connect to their community and practice their trade. It's also a great platform to express your creative outlets or pursue a passion in supporting local Art & Entertainment. Any promise or commitment of compensation will be detailed in subcontracting agreements or as gig opportunities are announced. 

What are my obligations? 

By registering to become a subcontractor with Active Entertainment you become eligible to work Active Events, participate in Active Projects or contribute to the various departments of the Company. Once you are registered and verified you will be added to our Database and begin to receive emails about any upcoming opportunities we may have for you, but are not obligated to sign onto any events at all. There is no fee to register, though you will be required to work a few Active Events to get familiar with our Procedures, Policies and Event Staff before becoming eligible to work contracted events with us. Further obligations to the Company are defined by your contract as described below.

How does it work? 

First, you register. Once you submit the required paperwork we’ll email you to request an interview or ask you questions about your app. You will work with an Active Entertainment Managing Partner to develop a Job Description that best suits your skill sets, time commitments and interests. Your Job Description will then be converted to a Contract that defines the binding agreement between you and Active Entertainment. Once your contract is signed, you’re good to go! If you sign on as a one-off event staff you’ll begin to receive emails from your Department Manager about upcoming opportunities, just sign up for the ones you’re interested in and disregard the ones you’re not!

What type of opportunities are there? 

Active Entertainment coordinate Fashion Shows, Variety Cabarets, Art Exhibits, Club Nights, Concerts, Private Parties and other events under the Active banner each year and is always open seeking reliable event staff and promoters. You will also be permitted to suggest, create or participate in community building projects and creative endeavors hosted by the Company.

To get a better idea of what types of positions we may have available take a look at our Job Descriptions.

How can I do some more research? 

We want to establish lasting relationships with our Staff and believe that the foundation for this stems from practicing clear communication and setting clear expectations. It is important to us that you understand who we are, what we do and why we do it before you commit to getting involved. You should love what you do and have a genuine passion for your role with Active, our goal is to accomplish that. 

Before you begin your application please take a few minutes to get to know more about Active Entertainment. 
About Us.
Event Policies. 

Once you've read all the supplemental materials and have a clear understanding of what we do, we hope you decide to join us in our mission to Activate The Arts!

To begin the registration process click "Register with Active" below. 

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