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DJ Martini

My name is Robert Martinez, I’ve been working with Active Entertainment as a DJ, Music Producer, Talent Scout and Mentor for over 12 years. Before working with Active, I dj’d and toured with a band called redhouse and dj’d a handful of clubs and raves in the San Antonio, Austin Houston area. I produced a hip-hop album for some rappers in the Denver area.

My first experience with Active was through AMDEF. I had tried to create a similar event when I was attending the art institute but last minute the school backed out. I had met Ryan around the same time and had told him about my experience. He mentioned he wanted to find a way to showcase his friends and other artists he had met. AMDEF was born! I helped with setting up all sound that we got from Mackie. Helped with show production and also dj’d. I loved that we had so many local artists that had an avenue to express their art.I learned about Active through close friends and colleagues who encouraged me to get involved. 

Since my first AMDEF I’ve become increasingly more involved, taking on more roles and expanded my portfolio. I was able to explore my photography side of things, more in depth video/visual editing and my mentoring skills.

My involvement with Active has changed my growth both as an artist and as a person for the better. I’ve become more active about networking and engaging my community, I’ve expanded my knowledge of many different aspects of event production and learned to cultivate resources outside of my creative discipline. The way I measure my increase in networking is by the # of events I was attending, all the artists I met and all the new projects I worked on. Seeing others networking at the AMDEF and CHANCE events helped inspire me to do the same. Managing people and production were the biggest skills I was able to explore and learn through the help of Active Entertainment.

It’s also lead me to an abundance of opportunities. Since working with Active I’ve become an official producer for C89.5FM & coordinator of their Live Exclusives, DJ’d Seattle Fashion Week, become the resident DJ and Board of Directors Member of Chance Fashion. By working with Active I was able to network more and meet like minded people who through similar events like RAW Artists, Seattle Fashion Week and CHANCE and from this I was able to land multiple contracts as a dj and sound guy for those events.

Some of the most influential people I’ve met through Active are Ryan Muller, Bob Tomazic and David Bailey. These people were influential because they helped push me to be a better person, artist and networker. They were always there to give me constructive feedback and helped push me to think outside the box.

Active Entertainment means the world to me. I feel I would have never been able to make it as far as I have without the support and dedication from Active staff and other participants. Working with Active is like having an extended family looking out for you in the entertainment industry, you never know when they’re going to call you with an idea or new opportunity.

If there’s one thing I’d say to anybody out there considering joining the Active Community, it’s that the more time, work and dedication you put into your endeavors the bigger your reward will be. 

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