Company Information 

Thank you for considering a sponsorship of Active Entertainment! Your support allows us to broaden the platform to advance our Art & Entertainment culture. From exclusive fashion shows to variety cabarets and open-source art exhibits, Active Entertainment has a 12+ year history of producing community platform events.  We host monthly, quarterly, annual, and one-off productions as well as custom curated events for interested Sponsors.

Active Entertainment

  • Created and executed over 400 events.  

  • Two-time recipient of the Office of Arts & Culture Seattle "smART Ventures" Grant. 

  • Reviewed in Seattle Weekly, Seattle Gay News, Seattle Lesbian, Ask Miss A, What's Up NW, Tear Sheet PDX, Art Nerd Seattle, Respect My Region and others. 

  • Featured thousands of talents and hosted countless collaborations including photo shoots, album release parties, print campaigns, music videos and more leading to residual brand recognition. 

  • Primarily based in Seattle with events produced in California, Oregon and Pennsylvania.  


  • 51% female, 43% male, 6% undefined gender viewing audience online. (Facebook)

  • 59% male, 34% female, 7% undefined gender attendance audience. 

  • Audience age ranges from 18-50 with 46% between the ages of 23 and 35. 

  • Over 10,000 event tickets sold through Brown Paper Tickets, Stranger Tickets and EventBrite. 

  • Event attendance ranging capacity from 75-500.

  • Bar sales average from $1,000-$8,500. 

  • Collective 5,000+ organic followers on Facebook.

  • 1,500+ registered direct email members. 

Outreach Impact 

Branding with Active is branding local. We're active in the Art, Music, Dance, Entertainment and Fashion communities creating an abundance of opportunity for inter-community growth. With our Safe Space Proclamation, Code of Conduct and regular feedback funnels, each event is custom curated to cultivate relationships between the audience and performing talents. Our ongoing, all-inclusive events over the duration of 12+ years have allowed us to develop strong relationships with thousands of talents, venues and event resources. In dedication to our mission we remain bound to serve as a platform for aspiring and emerging talents requiring through our ongoing commitment to our community.

Advertising Platforms

Digital Footprint

Every event needs essential landing pages. This includes a ticket page, event page on Facebook and a primary web page leading to a source site, such as the Active Entertainment website or your Company’s hosting domain (depending on the nature of the sponsorship).

On Site Footprint

Establish your presence at the event. This may include banner placement around the venue, merchandise placement in select areas, digital projections, step and repeat placement, runway signage and other assets that ensure your brand has quality visibility during and throughout the event. 

Social Media Management

We know the value of utilizing Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media outlets to raise awareness about your brand. The Active Entertainment Fan Page hosts 2,500 followers with an additional 2,000 followers on our AMDEF page. We also admin the Seattle Fashion Fan Page, the Seattle Social Group Page and work with multiple other local promoters and producers to co-promote social media actions.

SEO Marketing

Boost your search engine presence! AE regularly posts all of its events to a series of 30 or more online promotional platforms for events. Depending on the promotional platform, direct back-links to the AE website, event pages, and sponsor materials are included in the SEO distribution to ensure our events and targeted keywords appear in searches online. Our strategic target keyword marketing ensure our Event’s reach the top of online searches and directly connect web traffic to our sponsors. (We can also implement promotion codes and QR links in some instances to help produce action-oriented online sales.) 

Website Recognition 

Get your website noticed on our event platforms! We customize each digital footprint to ensure your website is listed and back-linked on our Website, Fan Page, Event Page and Ticket Pages to drive traffic to your site. 

Logo on Print Collateral 

Get your logo seen! Ensure placement of your logo on fliers, weekly ads, programs, posters and other printed, materials used to promote the event. Our team can execute both hand-to-hand and retail flier distribution campaigns to generate direct contact engagements and a broader branding footprint in local stores. We also regularly execute contracts with various local poster distribution companies customized for each event. 

Event Program

Some events include a program outlining the show schedule and featured talents and often serves as a take-home item for guests.

Logo on Digital Media 

Logo placement can also include various forms of digital media such as the event graphic or customized graphics for your company. Digital graphics are a great way to visually communicate your product to our audience. 


Brand your company with local artists through direct merchandise sales. 

Booth or Table Presence 

Represent your brand on site with a representative and table placement at an event. This can include company displays, brochures, promotional premium, registration platforms and custom brand engagements for your Company.

During the Show

Get your name heard! Whether you'd like to have the host mention your sponsorship throughout the show or you'd like a representative to have time on stage we're happy to engage your brand.

Custom Sponsor Packages

Active Entertainment is happy to coordinate photo shoots, videos, in store demos and other customized projects unique to your brand and interests. 

Ways To Sponsor Active

Your support directly affects our effort to Activate The Arts while connecting your brand to a new audience.

Sponsor an Active Event 

Align your brand with a specific Active Event such as AMDEF, Art on the Rocks, Performers Anonymous or something else we have coming up.

Endorse The Company 

Align your brand with ALL Active projects and events throughout the year for annual marketing benefits. 

Sponsor an Active Talent

Directly support one of the Active Entertainment talents.

Sponsor a Custom Event built for you.

We'd love to custom curate an event just for you!

Service  & Product Sponsors

Provide a service or product to an Active Event. 

Active Entertainment

Based in Seattle, WA, USA

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