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Safe Space Proclamation


Active Entertainment believes that as an advocate of community and a platform for independent artists and producers of public events, it is our duty to support exemplary behaviors that reinforce the social constructs of inclusion, collaboration, encouragement, and proactive involvement. We don't just value your support, we value you as a contributing member of the community we all share. As such, all Staff and Talent of Active Events are required to submit an Agreement to the Code of Conduct before being considered to participate in any Active Events. The Code of Conduct is also reiterated through casting publications, rehearsal emails, day of show instructions and post-event reviews, and is made available to the public for review. We believe that by setting strong standards within our Staff and Talent Teams we can provide a safe space for all patrons of our events. 

We are dedicated to a harassment-free experience regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, ethnicity, religion, age, or experience level.  This Includes comments that reinforce the social structure of domination over another person, deliberate intimidation or abusing a position of authority, exhibiting predatory behavior, inappropriate manipulation of images taken at or from events and shoots, unwelcome sexual advancements or attention, sustained disruption of conversations, production procedures or event schedules, unwanted physical contact, abrasive or derogatory communication, or any other activity that may be deemed as harassment, discriminatory or inappropriate. 

It is of the utmost importance to Active Entertainment that all talent, staff, guests and clients enjoy not only a safe and comfortable environment, but a transparent method of resolution should conflict arise at one of our events. We believe a key to building better community is establishing clear expectations, accountability and empathy within the company. To encourage communication and develop ongoing growth in our policies & procedures, and provide clear methods on how to do so in the Code of Conduct. 

If you are interested in becoming a Staff or Talent with Active Entertainment, submitting your Code of Conduct agreement is the first step. If you're a guest considering attending one of our events, we encourage to review the Code of Conduct as well! If you like, you can even sign up for our Guest List for special discounts & exclusive event offers. 

Thank you for supporting Active Entertainment, we look forward to seeing you at an upcoming event. 

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