How To Register With Active Entertainment 

A quick preview of the Registration Procedure.

Active Entertainment aims to establish lasting relationships with each and every one of our Staff and Talent. We believe that the foundation of healthy relationships stems from setting clear expectations and practicing transparent communication about our Policies and Procedures.

Step 1: Agree to the Code of Conduct. 

ANY Member of Active Entertainment, whether Managing Partner, Subscribing Partner, Subcontractor, Volunteer or Talent is required to adhere to a Code of Conduct both inside and outside of our events. It is important to us that every event we produce or participate in exhibits safe, equality based, transparent policies & procedures for execution. If at any time a Member feels another Member is acting out of accordance with the Code of Conduct they can report the incident following our Conflict Resolution Procedure

Step 2: Submit your Terms of Agreement

Upon submitting your Agreement to the Code of Conduct you will be prompted to select your Talent Type to continue. Please note that you will need to submit a separate Agreements for each creative discipline. (EX: If you are in a band but also model you will need to submit 1 agreement for each.) Your Terms of Agreement confirms the legal relationship between you and Active Entertainment.

Step 3: Submit Your Talent Details. 

Once you have submitted your Terms of Agreement you will be prompted to send us information about yourself. This is where you’ll give us the basic information we need to advertise and book you as an Active Entertainment talent, please give us the best of your portfolio.

Step 4: Confirm Your Registration! 

Once you have submitted your Code of Conduct, Terms of Agreement and Talent Details an email will be submitted to you to verify your email address and confirm your registration. Please note, you will not become an eligible Active Talent until you verify your email to confirm your registration. Please be sure to check your spam and “white list” the point of contact identified in your Terms of Agreement by saving them as a contact in your email.

Once you have registered as an Active Entertainment Talent you’ll begin to receive emails whenever we have an opportunity for you! Opportunities may include Active Events, referrals to other events we support, referrals to clients looking for talent, or referrals to events we’ve been hired to produce. Each opportunity will reach your email inbox with a full review of the opportunity requirements, compensation and any other details you may need for consideration. If you like an opportunity that comes your way simply respond to the email as indicated and you’re on your way!

The Registration Process should take 15 minutes at most. You will receive a primary point of contact for your designated Staff or Talent position in Step 2 should you need to contact us with questions. The process is also automated, so upon completion be sure to check your inbox to confirm your application. If you're feeling overwhelmed with the registration process feel free to Contact Us. 

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