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The Blooming Response of Seattle’s Isolated Art Community

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

In what is undoubtedly an uncertain time for the Live Events & Entertainment Industry, various Seattle Creatives are taking a proactive approach at addressing the pandemic. Designers are sewing masks for health care workers, Activists are canvassing for rent freeze and Artists are beautifying boarded up windows of shut down businesses. We’d like to take a moment in this unprecedented period of adversity to celebrate the Art & Entertainment Community for their efforts to give voice to the community and meaning to the madness.

Long-time Seattle resident & Local Artist Joe Nix takes to the streets demanding a rent freeze in Seattle by canvassing “SUSPEND RENT" along side "FOOD SOON” posters by Cheyenne Randall across various shutdown locations highlighting the vast population of people out of work. Seen here is Rudy’s Barbershop, one of the hundreds of businesses currently shut down throughout the city.

From gowns to gear: Seattle Fashion Designer Carlisia Minnis of Mac Fashion House is applying her big heart and gift for design by crafting and delivering Mac Masks to individuals and institutions in need.

As the Lead Singer of Purr Gato, Levels of Movement, and Bowie Vision, Musician Katrina Kope has always been one to push her creative limits. With the stay-at-home order, Katrina has taken this opportunity to get back to basics: her piano and her voice. Each day has inspired her to create and stream original music “in hope to help in some small way during these strange times”.

Painter Burgandy Viscosi expresses her visionary ideas on creation, collective earth consciousness and transcendence to breathe life into the boarded up windows of shut down businesses across the city.

It’s hard to miss Ryan Henry Ward’s whimsical animal murals up and down the entirety of the I-5 Corridor and peppered throughout Seattle alleys and businesses. To help provide people in isolation some therapeutic entertainment he released a downloadable coloring book. He also created a children’s book available for parents with kids out of school.

Thank you to those who are not just staying at home, but also staying Active!

While Active Entertainment is observing state & national orders to cancel events until further notice we were inspired to acknowledge the creative ways Artists are sharing their voice and vision.

Since the inception of this blog post we’ve started accumulating a list of creatives working to advocate, fund-raise, share joy, and maintain throughout this unprecedented situation. We appreciate the effort to bring perspective to the world and hope to give the community something positive in such a time of isolation. In the spirit of celebrating proactive expression we’ll continue to update this list, check back for updates! Do you have something or someone you’d like to see added to the list? Email us at [email protected] and we’ll continue to grow the list as a community resource for Art & Entertainment throughout quarantine.






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