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Uncorked: The Message in a Bottle Recap

Photos, Talent info and recap from Message in a Bottle!

Image of Frankie Nicole (Design by Arty Party. Hair by Francine Arreola) and Lauren-Bacall Snowden (Design by Badett Royal Crest. Hair by Sheila Cherese. Makeup by Katy Marie Ott) taken by Steve Jensen.

We'd like to thank the wonderful audience that came out for our aquatic themed lingerie show and appreciate all of you for maintaining the Guest Code of Conduct throughout the event. Such a fashionable group of people! Thank you for your patience while we process photos and give talent the opportunity to approve them before they go live. Stay tuned for the photo releases at our Fan Page or our Instagram Page.

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Keep in mind that guests of Message in a Bottle are encouraged to utilize their 15% discount with Featured Designers on select garments for up to 30 days after the event! Just show them your proof of ticket purchase to receive the discount. And thanks again for supporting Seattle's slow fashion community! Also, if you experienced anything during the event that made you feel uncomfortable, please be sure to report it at [email protected].

We'd also like to thank our sponsors Scott Gifford Law, Invest Attention, and KS Champagne Parties Global for supporting independent artists & the Seattle slow fashion community through our event, and to Hackler Creative for providing us with graphics and visual communications.

Our gracious hosts at WithinSodo have a stunning space that provided for a uniquely fashionable atmosphere. Guests entered the venue through a beautiful nautical themed archway created by Balloon Designers, and were then ticketed by Promoter & Content Manager La'mira Negra with assistance from Rebecca Guthrie. VIP Hosts Amanda Baker and Jersey Virago greeted guests and directed them to our red carpet entry photographer Art by Leonhardt.

Throughout the night, music was provided by Rob Martini and Snapdragon, plus a surprise vocal performance from our event host Eric Blu for the VIP Preview Party. Eric co-hosted the event with the lovely Gaysha Starr -- the duo brought life to the runway before the show even started.

Hosts Eric Blu and Gaysha Starr

Decorations and set designs were provided by JD's Light Lab by JD Andersen. Lighting was provided by Hollywood Lights and operated by Josh Black of Black Light Productions. All the staging and equipment arrangements were managed by Marshall Matlock with support from Revv O'Hare. Marshall Matlock also helped oversee the Security Team which included the 4 person crew (Thomas McDonald Craig, Craig Frasier Green IV, Cody Shurtz, and David Max Scoringe), all of which experienced security staff who also work together on a podcast called Bartools Podcast.

Security Team from Bartools Podcast

Event photographers included Tero Patana, Jared Ribic, Ian Phares, Rob Butler and Richard Tran along with Before/After photos for the Hair and Makeup team provided by our Photography manager Steve Jensen. Steve & the security team also had the support of David Horvitz, who also helped setup and ensure nobody was taking pictures of Models in lingerie that shouldn't be. The one person who was granted permission to shoot from their cell phone was Rizza Bagan, who's been responsible for our Direct Email campaigns and IG Management for the event. Our videographer for the evening was Brian Black of VC Publications. Stay tuned for his video, it's guaranteed to be sizzling!

The rock stars of the evening were Chief of Operations Stephanie Lor, Human Resources Director Danny Bryan, Runway Director Destiny King and Backstage Manager Sheila Patton. These folks put countless hours into the show before the doors even opened during meetings, castings and rehearsals leading up to the show, then executed flawlessly. The team had additional support from afar in Emily Dobbs who ran online communications management all the way from NYC.

Of course, we've abbreviated the full depth of how much work these wonderful souls put into the event to keep this a swift read, but their collective contributions to the event made it what guests came to enjoy.

Our First Designer on the Runway was Marilou Bernadette of BADETT Royal Crest. She kicked off the entire show strutting the runway in her own design! Skirting the line of romance and eroticism, BADETT Royal Crest from Marilou Bernadette creates the kind of fit that brings out confidence and sexiness from the soul.

Image of Marilou Bernadette in BADETT Royal Crest taken by Steve Jensen. Makeup by Nick Domenget.

Up second came LingeRieAVE Fashion Wear. Shari Madison is a true warrior. Through pain and PTSD, Shari found inspiration. Without any sewing experience, she started to create garments for herself to attend spring/summer festivals. What she found was not just some new attire, but therapy and synergy with each garment. Shari debuted her premiere collection: LingeRieAVE Fashion Wear - Everyday, ordinary undergarments reclaimed and reimagined into the extraordinary.

Image of Atong Machar in LingeRieAVE Fashion Wear taken by Steve Jensen. Makeup by Pooja Sri Ranganathan.

Just before intermission came Kilvani Designs, who stunned the crowd with her hand crafted body chains. Kilvani Designs is custom, handmade, and versatile body chain jewelry that enhances your personal style and adds that extra spark to shine brighter for any occasion. Jessica creates unique statement pieces that can transform any body or outfit from the bedroom, to the beach, from the office or to your next big night out! Her goal is to help bring out your inner beauty and confidence through Kilvani Designs.

Image of Kilvani Designs on model Mia Tran taken by Steve Jensen, Hair by Francine Arreola and Makeup by Pooja Sri Ranganathan.

After intermission came Freedom Fashion by Stephano Musa. Stephano started designing officially 5 months ago. He is self-taught and has been practicing both designing and styling. Stephano’s collection was called: Collection for Mama. When Stephano was young, he had lost both his mom and dad to HIV/AIDS. Before his mother passed away, she was isolated from her community due to her disease. Stephano dedicated his collection to his mom and to all women who have had or still are having to go through what she went through.

Image of models Julian Young (Makeup by Pooja Sri Ranganathan) and Tanay Amari (Hair Sheila Cherese and Makeup by Katy Marie Ott) in designs by Stephano Musa.

Second to last came ZILINA. Zilina is delighted to present her luxurious collection of silk lingerie and nightwear. Inspired by Hollywood divas and supermodels, the shimmer of silk charmeuse in beautiful jewel tones instantly makes you feel glamorous and feminine while gracefully solving the problem of "nothing to wear". Versatile and chic, from bedroom to bar, each piece offers the versatility to be mixed and matched to create unique looks and combinations.

Image of MacKenzie Wynn in ZILINA taken by RJB Photography, Hair by Francine Arreola.

The final Designer of the night was Arty Party Designs. It was nice to see him back in action after years off the Seattle circuit while he completed an internship out of state! Arty Party is known for bright colors and bold concepts, mashing up comfortable wearable garments with avant-garde statement pieces. His collection was inspired by tropical fish and sea life, with a hint of street wear, a dash of swim and a peppering of body positivity and self expression. Welcome back Arthur!

Image of Charley Anderson in Arty Party Designs taken by Steve Jensen, Hair by Francine Arreola, and Makeup by Pooja Sri Ranganathan.

The Hair and Make Team included: Sheila Cherese, Francine Arreola, Poojasri Ranganathan, Nick Domenget, and Katy Marie Ott. The Model team included: Abby Jane, Andrea Mars, Atong Machar, Austin Reese, Bridget Tracy, Charley Anderson, Frankie Nicole, Genevieve Jenner, Genevieve Kathleen, Jordan Jacobson, Julian Young, Katie Mae Rowland, Kayleigh Van Guilder, Keyla Yomaris Lopez Santana, Lacey Lonning, Lauren-Bacall Snowden, Lindsey Ferrari, MacKenzie Wynn, Megan Townsend, Mia Tran, Morgan Anderson, Natalia Zolochevska, Richard Lundeen, Ryan Owens, Sade Lynette, Sara Woodward, Serghei Boldesco, Tanay Amari, Travis Beidgman, and Tomomi Ito.

***Please keep in mind that the Active Entertainment Entertainment Code of Conduct extends beyond just our events and refrain from contacting Models online for any reason other than paid employment.***

We appreciate your participation in a safe and welcoming community and look forward to seeing you at a future event! We'd also like to thank MeltonWax for spinning at Paseo for the after party, it was was quite a way to close out the night with food, drinks and dancing!

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