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Company Structure



  • A significant Investment in the Company. 

  • A sweat equity agreement as a Subscribing Partner. 

Partners are Owners who hold equity in The Company. Governing Partners are responsible for facilitating ongoing mission critical tasks to execute all essential needs of the Company while driving the mission forward under the guidelines of the Active Entertainment Operating Agreement. Financial Partners invest in the Company for ownership and have little-to-no involvement in the operations or direction of the Company.

Subscribers are aspiring Partners who are working to attain ownership as a Partner through a sweat-equity agreement.

Resident Staff


  • Must be an exemplary supporter of the Active Entertainment Code of Conduct at Active Events & when associating with others met through their capacity as Active Entertainment Staff.

  • Must maintain a comprehensive observation of any Policy and Procedure under your department. 

  • Successfully execute the training program assigned by the respective Department Manager. 

  • Maintain ongoing online communications, task lists and responsibilities as detailed by your Department Manager. 

  • Attend any meetings identified for your department.  

  • Successfully execute AE’s weekly All Staff Call to Action. 

  • Contribute input to any forms, questionnaires or emails communicated through your department.    

  • Act as an AE Ambassador in promoting and advocating Active throughout the year.

Resident Staff contribute to the ongoing functions of The Company in support of the Active Entertainment mission in good faith. They are considered permanent staff and are the first assigned to any paid referrals or Staff Positions as Independent Contractors. Resident staff are granted the option of training under a different role while retaining their Tier 2 staff level.

Active Staff: Active staff are Staff that are regularly involved in the day-to-day business operation and ongoing development of The Company.They commit to this by fulfilling department specific functions at the direction of the Partners. Active Staff may manage On Call Staff & Trainees, Talent, direct departments, oversee Independent Contractors and Trainees, or otherwise assist the Partners and Company.

On Call Staff: On Call Staff are Staff who have completed their training and are available as needed, but are not involved in day-to-day or ongoing functions. On Call Staff support events and single projects by receiving & executing specific directions from Active Resident Staff

Volunteers & Interns


  • Must submit an Agreement to the Active Entertainment Code of Conduct. 

  • Must submit an Active Entertainment Volunteer Application. 

  • Must have had an Active Entertainment Staff Member review & Approve Application. 

  • Must confirm and agree to an approved Volunteer Detail.

  • Must submit a Volunteer Terms of Agreement.  

Volunteers: Volunteers are interested in supporting the Company at a temporary entry-level capacity. They support events and single projects by receiving & executing specific directions from Resident Staff. Examples may include on-site support to help with setup or one-time marketing campaigns for single events.

Subcontractors: Subcontractors are retained by The Company to execute a specific function subject to an agreed contract. Subcontractors who provide exceptional service to the Company may be considered preferred vendors and receive priority consideration for future needs.


Managing Partners, Subscribers, Resident Staff, Volunteers & Interns contribute at varying capacities to each department. 


The Operations Team is dedicated to ensuring all departments of The Company have the essential tools and resources required to maintain mission-critical functions of the Company. This may include Business Management, Communications, Developing Technology and other infrastructure. 



The Marketing Team is responsible for branding, public outreach, social media management, written and visual communications, sponsor development, creative direction and other assets. 



The Sales Team advocates Active Events & Services. “Active Events” are any event produced by Active Entertainment. “Active Services” include Event Production, Event Staffing, Event Marketing & Promotions, Venue Management and Talent Management.  


The Production Team oversees all ongoing needs for Active Events. This may include the annual AMDEF, Art on the Rocks, Performers Anonymous, ongoing fashion shows and one-off events. 


Human Resources 

The Human Resources Department facilitates relationships between various departments of Active, Hospitality, Safe Space & Code of Conduct Enforcement and other intrapersonal needs. 


Talent Resources

The Talent Resources Department manages the development of Talent, Talent Advocacy and Talent Developments.


Active Entertainment takes a multi-faceted approach towards advancing the art culture. 

Active Events 

Active Events are events produced under the company banner. This includes AMDEF, Art on the Rocks, Performers Anonymous or any one-off event produced by The Company. Often Active Events are intended to be community platforms that provide an open-resource for both aspiring and established artists. Active also produces private events, boutique fashion shows and other customized events catering to a variety of audiences, genres, themes and creative disciplines.  


Event Production Services 

With over 400 events under our belt and a resident Staff Team experienced in a range of skill sets, Active Entertainment can produce concerts, fashion shows, variety cabarets, private parties, outdoor events, festivals and custom events. Perfect for any company looking for local Seattle or Portland based resources, Active specializes in entertainment focused events. 


Sponsor Services 

Active Entertainment will also custom curate an event unique to any Sponsor whether online or at a brick-and-mortar location, or work to align potential Sponsors with Active Entertainment through marketing platforms. Every sponsorship is customized to the Client to ensure a satisfactory reciprocation of any sponsor endorsement. 


Event Staffing 

For the event that needs support, but not a whole production team, Active Entertainment’s Resident Staff Team is available for hire. We can provide Production Managers, Backstage Managers, Runway Directors, Choreographers, Door Staff, Security, Brand Ambassadors or other Event Staff depending on the requirements for any event. 

Talent Referrals

Active Entertainment has a database of DJs, Models, Bands, Performing Artists, Material Artists, Fashion Designers, Graphic Designers, Vocalists, Side Show Acts, Comedians and other Talents available for hire. Active will only refer talent we’ve booked for our own events who we’d be willing to work with again. 

More info about Active Services coming soon.

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