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Black Lives Matter

Get used to these two words: Stay Active.


Did you go to the protest every day this week? Cool. Stay active. Maybe you made care packages for protesters, handed out water bottles or helped shield people from bullets made of rubber (pro tip: they’re still bullets!). Stay active. Perhaps you remembered there is still a pandemic going on or crowds ain’t it for you, but a silent moment of good energy from your heart was offered. It was felt. Stay active. You risked your safety to live stream the truth. We believe you. Stay active. Maybe you’re bailing people out of jail. Raising funds. Donating. That’s great! Stay active. You’ve screamed “Black lives matter” until you can hardly speak. Stay active. You wrote a politician. Signed a petition. Called your local precinct. Whatever you’re doing to help, we see you, we appreciate you, we’re with you. Stay active. This movement is Just. Getting. Started.

Generations of oppression are not reconciled overnight. We understand that we are working to dismantle a system that has targeted Black people since their first involuntary entrance into the American experiment, and silence is not an option when facing the institutionalized oppression of a people. We stand with the protesters, those who've lost family and loved ones to police brutality and those who believe in ending racism and state sanctioned violence.

So for those of you who are wondering how you can offer support in continuing the charge against the oppression of Black people, we’ve put this together:

A Dynamic Resource Document supporting Black Lives Matter.

The fight for equality and demand to end systemic racism and white supremacy on all fronts won’t conclude with the protests this time around. We’re committed to continuing the conversation, listening to leaders of the movement and supporting the charge against institutionalized systems that oppress. We will continue to update this document with more resources, advocate actionable items throughout our social media and deepen our commitment to ending racial prejudice and institutions that have failed to protect Black people.


It takes sustainable actions to make significant changes. Our list can get you started and hopefully keep you going. Bookmark it and keep Learning, Listening, Donating, Protesting, Petitioning, Writing, Calling, and Supporting.


We can do this. Stay active. #BLM

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