No, Active Entertainment is not a Talent Agency. Our goal is to build relationships between the Artist and the Community, and we hold no exclusive agreements. All Talent you see present on the Active Entertainment website has participated in multiple events we’ve produced, and would be considered an “Active Participant” in our Events. If you are interested in booking somebody you see, please contact [email protected]


Active Entertainment does not take any commission on Talent Referrals of $200 or less, and requires a 10% commission on any bookings of $200+. If you would like to book one of our Registered Participants, we will ask you for some basic information in order to best accommodate our Artists varying degrees of experience and availability. We DO NOT provide any talent information prior to reviewing all inquiries.


If you would like to become a registered Active Entertainment Participant, you simply need to participate in one or more of our events. This would include AMDEF, Performers Anonymous, Chance Fashion, Art on the Rocks, or any other one-off or independently produced events. Once you’ve registered with Active Entertainment, you will be notified of any upcoming events, photo shoots, gigs, or opportunities that we may have for you. After you have participated in 3 events, we will develop a profile for you on the Active Entertainment website.