Get Involved

If you are an Artist or Entertainer interested in becoming a registered Active Entertainment member, there’s a few things you should know.

  1. Active Entertainment has been built over a period of 9+ years of grassroots experience with the Seattle Art & Entertainment community. All of our Business Practices and Production Procedures have received thorough feedback from our Participating Artists.
  2. We are not a Talent Agency, we are a community resource.
  3. We practice an inclusive participation policy, which means it doesn’t matter if you’re inexperienced or do not fit any basic “industry standards.”
  4. We practice a talent-first payout policy for our events, meaning featured talent is always compensated before the Staff, Producers, or Active Entertainment.
  5. If we refer you to paid work, we do not request a commission on any amount of $200 or less, and only a %10 commission on anything above.
  6. As long as you show up on time, follow through on all your commitments, and treat your fellow Artists & the AE Staff Team with respect, you will find a nurturing environment for you to practice and develop your trade. However, if you prove unreliable, or to be a diva, you will be prohibited from participating in future events.


  1. Visit our “Event Calendar.”
  2. Determine an Event that you would like to participate in.
    1. If it is a Chance Fashion event, please visit the Chance Fashion Website.
    2. If it is AMDEF, please visit the AMDEF tab.
    3. If it IS NOT Chance Fashion or AMDEF, please fill out the form below.

Active Entertainment Talent Application Form