Established in 2008, Active Entertainment is an independent Seattle based Event & Entertainment Company. Specializing in pre, during, and post Event Production, A.E. also provides Marketing, Promotions, Talent Development & Referrals, Event Staffing, and Consulting services to the greater Northwest Region. In addition, A.E. produces a series of independent events throughout the year in Seattle, Olympia, and Portland. For more information, please visit our Events Page.


Active Entertainment is dedicated to stimulating growth between Artists and the Community by creating & supporting new, innovative ways to advance the Art Culture. Our vision is a world where the Creative Process is an element of daily life. By working with individuals to provide resources and support for Artist’s, Venues, Promoters, & Entertainment Professionals, we connect the community to establish a stronger, more accessible method of accomplishing goals for Artists. We are committed to delivering support for Talent Development, Artist Exposure, and the Entertainment Industry as a whole.


Active Entertainment was established in 2008 with the inaugural AMDEF Exposition, bringing together the communities of Art, Music, Dance, Entertainment and Fashion. This flagship event lead into the production of concerts and variety shows throughout 2008 & 2009, and later gave way to the creation & establishment of other ongoing Seattle events such as Chance Fashion, Performers Anonymous, and Art on the Rocks. Today, A.E. has produced over 250 independent events, including fashion shows, festivals, club nights, variety cabarets, art exhibits, networking events, private parties and more. Since the launch, Active has also produced events in San Francisco, Portland, Olympia, and neighboring cities such as Tacoma and Bellevue.

These community focused efforts have lead to write-ups in Seattle Gay News, Seattle Weekly, Seattle Art Nerd, The Stranger, What’s Up Northwest, Respect My Region, YM Magazine and many more. Active has also worked with Anheiser Busch, Macy’s Downtown Seattle, Seattle Fashion Week, Gustavo Apiti Couture, Kahini Kreative, Tiffany Talent, Viniq Vodka, Lemay American Car Museum, Neighbours Nightclub, Trinity Nightclub, and many more. As a 2 time Office of Arts & Culture smART Venture Recipient, Active also had the opportunity to produce a fashion segment on behalf of Chance Fashion at Seattle City Hall, and our President & Founder received the Social Outreach Seattle 2014 Community Partner Award.